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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer . . . and Romance . . . in the Air . . .

Hello, dear readers!

If you're in Toronto this Victoria Day weekend, you will understand the title of this post. It is absolutely glorious outside! It is true that Saturday was a little on the gloomy/wet side, but Sunday has certainly made up for it! Everything and everyone--flowers, birds, dogs, people--is dancing for joy and wanting to share it!

To illustrate, I'd like to share a wonderful moment with you. Today Allan and I went to a lovely brunch, browsed (and, in my case, bought!) at a garage sale, and then decided we just couldn't spend any time indoors this afternoon. We ended up on the banks of the Humber River, by the Old Mill. I spread out the car blanket and spent a glorious hour immersed in a new book (courtesy of the garage sale), while Allan wandered and shot pictures. When he rejoined me, we decided to head home to make a light dinner and play Scrabble. He was still busy with his tripod and I was hastily snatching up the rest of the chapter I was on when a woman who was strolling by stopped, looked at us, and asked us if we would like her to take our picture. Allan thanked her and told her he didn't have the right lens in for portraits, and she smiled and said, " I just thought I'd ask because you two look so romantic!" She wished us a great afternoon, and I just couldn't stop smiling. What a lovely thing to say! I kept wondering what she saw through her own lens--a reflection of something in her own mind, perhaps? Where was she going, or who was she going to? Ah, summer . . . and love!!!!!!

Have you ever had a moment that just made you stop and smile at the loveliness of some days? Please write and share!

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