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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mama Nia!

It's a very gloomy Monday afternoon and I'm still hanging around my office--but I'm about to get energized in a very good way! I'm off to my NIA class very soon. For those of you who aren't familiar with NIA, take a looks at my teacher's website: www.jennhicks.ca/Nia.html Nia combines elements of martial arts, dance and yoga to create a dynamic, very personal form of fitness that feels much more like fun than work! Trust me, though--it is work, but work that feels good (don't we wish ALL work were like that!). I started NIA on January 4 this year as a way of adding some spice to my gym and walking routines--and I've found a whole new world in this wonderful workout routine! Forget Mama Mia--I can be a Dancing Queen at NIA anytime!

Jennifer Hicks is a passionate and caring teacher who will quickly draw you into the enchantment of NIA. Take a look at her website and try out NIA for yourself--and feel free to come and be my buddy on Monday nights at 918 Bathurst or Saturday mornings at the Joy of Dance at Broadview and Danforth! I'll even treat you to a coffee afterwards!

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