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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspire Yourself, Help Others--Lynn's Story

A Very Good Evening to My Dear Readers!

After a very fun and challenging week working with both my language and image clients, I had to sit down tonight to share a very inspiring story with you. Some of you know that I spend a good part of my day teaching at a literacy program. One of my colleagues, Lynn Manwar, has recently told us that she is embarking on an adventure that likely is not on most of our personal bucket lists--she's climbing to the base camp of Mt. Everest this fall to raise money for Joints in Motion, a marvellous organization dedicated to improving the lives of those of us (moi included) who suffer from some form of the debilitating disease known as arthritis. I'm helping Lynn by spreading her story and donating jewellery to her fundraising garage sale--stay tuned for more details! However, I want YOU to read her personal story and then help her in any way you can--donate so that she can make the trip, spread her story, ask her how you can help. Lynn is an incredibly brave woman with a great story and spirit to share. I challenge YOU to move mountains for her! Good night to all and sweet dreams of Lynn climbing that mountain! Read Lynn's story at http://arthritis.akaraisin.com/p/lynnmanwar.aspx --and thank you!

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