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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

Happy spring, dear readers!

It's a hazy, rainy afternoon in Toronto. Normally this type of weather makes me feel a little grumpy, but today I'm relishing the feeling of cosiness as I sit in my warm, dry study area in my apartment. I had a great morning of teaching and am now getting caught up with some writing before heading downstairs to exercise in the beautiful gym in my building. After I finish working out, I'm going to embark on a culinary adventure: cooking a
brand-new dish for me and my husband, Allan. Last Thursday I went to a charity book sale at the Toronto Reference Library and found a little gem of a cookbook: The Art of Cooking, volume 2, by Pol Martin. The publishing date is 1978, but the paperback is in superb condition--and cost me the exorbitant sum of 50 cents! Apparently this is a collection of recipes from M. Martin's TV cooking series, which must have aired at a time when cooking was about the least most interesting pastime to me. However, I LOVE to cook now, and particularly when I find recipes that inspire me to put my own twist on them. Chicken Normande mainly consists of chicken, apples and onions, with a few choice seasonings. Already I'm planning my tweaks--cipollini onions, which I have recently discovered and fallen in love with; some pecans and almonds along with the caramelized apples; and perhaps a dash of nutmeg. On a day like today, cooking feeds my heart and my soul--but, so does exercise and the knowledge that tonight I have no plans other than to enjoy this (hopefully!) wonderful dish with my hubby--and beat him at Scrabble!

People often ask me, "How do you maintain your energy?" or "How do you stay so happy?" My answer is simple: find simple ways to make yourself happy, whether it be putting your own twist on an old recipe, twisting to some funky music, or making music (or playing Scrabble!) with people you love to be around! Make yourself happy, and I guarantee others will notice--and will be happy too!

Make happiness an integral part of the image you present to yourself--AND to others!

Now it's YOUR turn--what makes YOU happy? Please comment and share your secrets!

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