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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Cheat Yourself When You Can Treat Yourself?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Back from a quick dinner (and one beer) at our friendly local pub. Had my first wings and sweet potato fries in a few months--and enjoyed every bite! I read recently that as long as we're careful about 80% of what we eat (and how we burn it off), we can have fun with the other 20%. That's why having a consistently healthy lifestyle--which includes not only diet and exercise, but rest, recreation and "single" time--makes so much more sense than dieting. When you diet, you constantly beat yourself up if you "cheat." If you see yourself as a potential cheater/victim all the time, you'll be living with almost perpetual guilt--and not moving forward! So, think careful and healthy lifestyle changes that you plan to live with forever--and then cheating will never cross your mind!

Tomorrow morning I'll be up early to exercise and not regretting a minute of it--those wings and fries were worth it! Oh--and catch my cute St. Paddy's Day hat! Might as well go all out!

Slainte from Toronto!

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