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Friday, March 5, 2010

Your Personal Spring Cleaning!

Hello Everyone, and Happy Spring!

Well . . . I may be jumping the gun a bit, considering it is only March 5, but it certainly looks and feels a little more like spring here in Toronto. The sun is shining, people are smiling a little more (even on the subway!) and there's a general bustling in the air. Take me, for instance--I've played "blog hookey" for almost a month now and suddenly feel recharged and ready to chat about the possibilities ahead for all of us. I've always felt that I've been "wired" to the changes in the seasons and am re-energized by a sense of newness and difference in the air. Perhaps, like me, you too have felt drained by February grayness (unless you've been lucky enough to hide out in California or Florida for the winter!). Now, colours are abounding again--in nature, stores and magazines. Today I put on a turquoise Indian cotton blouse and felt ready to tackle just about anything--including the mounds of paper on my home office desk!

Yep--spring cleaning is as much in the air as is spring. Take a look around your home and see what needs to be done--and, even more important, take a good look at yourself. Here is my "personal spring cleaning" checklist that you can adapt and use any way you like!

1) Am I taking care of myself in the best way I know how? If I'm not sure whether I am, have I made appointments to see my family doctor, dentist, optometrist, naturopath, nutritionist and others who see to my health care?

2) Am I looking the best I can? Have I recently seen, or scheduled appointments to see, my hair stylist, hair colourist, manicurist, skin care specialist and image consultant?

3) Am I taking care of my physical needs? Am I exercising regularly, whether that be walking, using a gym, or attending a class that is fun for me?

4) Am I taking care of my emotional and spiritual needs? Am I taking part in activities that inspire me, such as learning a new skill? Am I spending some quality time with myself, even if that means reading a wonderful book on the subway to and from work? Am I planning for mini-vacations if longer ones aren't feasible at the moment?

5) Am I taking care of those I love? Am I spending time with family and dear friends? Am I attuned to my partner's changing needs, both for himself/herself and with me as a couple?

Luckily, I have a much better handle on my personal spring cleaning than on my household mess at the moment! Because I do, I feel I'm now ready to tackle piles of (mostly) paid bills, magazine clippings and general unfiled "stuff." I urge YOU to use my personal checklist to get yourself in "spring-ready" shape--THEN jump into the letter (or whatever) pile!

Let's do some talking here--I'd love you to comment and leave us with your own "personal spring-cleaning" tips!

Next up: how to find good "go to" people!

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