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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finding Your "Go To" People, Part 1

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

In my last post, I mentioned that I would next tackle the subject of finding good "go to" people. Whether we all have them right now, we definitely need them in our lives, particularly as we get older and become more aware of the importance of preventive care. Today, I'll focus on finding your personal health care team.

I've been fortunate in that I've had the same family doctor, dentist and optometrist for over a decade--longer in some cases. I found both my doctor and dentist through the tried-and-true method of networking--putting out the word to friends and acquaintances that I needed some good references. I firmly believe that you cannot lose by letting others know your needs--someone will always come through for you. Every one of us is always looking for someone, so don't be shy--just put out the word, and the universe--likely in the guise of one of your friends--will always be there!

I'm sure we've all known people--or have been those people ourselves!--who have had the same doctor, dentist or optometrist for years because these were the practitioners our parents dragged us to. I've even known people who, despite having reached "grown up" status, have been reluctant to part ways with said practitioners because they saw it as "cheating" or being disloyal to their parents' choices. I say, "Okay, you're grown up now, so make grown up decisions!" It's most likely that these practitioners (if they are still indeed practising) either no longer meet your specific needs, or you just don't gel with them. In my case, I've been "divorced" from my childhood doctor and dentist for years. However, I have continued to see my wonderful optometrist, Dr. Gina Gincauskas, who has taken care of me since I was in my thirties and back from a four-year stint in the U.S.--I went to her while my mother saw one of her partners. Why? She is extremely personable, professional and, most important, I feel very comfortable with her. She fits my definition of "team player" in every sense of the word, and that is why I will continue to have her as one of my "go to" people for as long as she'll have me. There's a bonus, too--her practice is a one-stop shop for eye exams and eyewear. Whether you are in the market for contact lenses or a beautiful pair of designer frames, Dr. Gincauskas will make sure your eyes have it! For those of you in the Toronto area, you can contact her at 416-532-7115 (her office is conveniently located on Bloor Street, just west of Dundas West subway).

As I said before, check out the practitioners your friends love and trust! I'd love you to comment on my post and let us know how YOU have found your "go to" people!

Watch for an upcoming post on finding a good naturopath and nutritionist!

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