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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Powerful Ways to Live in the Moment!

Hi Everyone!

When I opened up Twitter today, one of the first posts I read was from a very famous personality, declaring that today she was going to begin "living in the moment." I thought about how often so many of us like to use that phrase and swear that we are actually going to do just that--but stuff happens. Work happens. Family happens. Life happens. Where did "the moment" get to?

Since setting out to live "on my terms" in 2011, I have been practising some simple yet often overlooked ways to really be able to "live in the moment." Here are a few of my favourites:

*Stretch/move/dance every morning for 15-20 minutes to music you really like and that "grounds" you. For me, that means largely instrumental, New Age/Celtic-inspired pieces with few lyrics to dwell on. Move with intent--notice how your shoulders, back, legs, feet, arms and hands feel as you move. I often find myself wanting to stay in this "moment" much longer than 20 minutes!

*Prepare food lovingly for yourself. Prepare a special breakfast one day of the week--skip the dry cereal. A yogurt/banana (or your favourite fruit) smoothie is tasty and luxurious. Today I made a banana/yogurt/soy milk/chocolate almond milk/matcha smoothie in less than 5 minutes--and ate a homemade banana bran muffin with it. I thought about how much I enjoy good food and all the love that goes into making it--I guarantee that doesn't happen when I've wolfed down Special K!

*Set apart time for you and your favourite author. Anticipate the half hour you've dedicated to reading that new book, and don't let yourself be pulled away by twitters or emails. In fact, once you do settle into that book (and couch) and start reading, you won't want to get up!

All of the above sound so easy to do, but they are also the first activities to fall away when we get caught up in everything beyond "the moment." Today, give yourself at least one of these moments and notice how wonderful you--and the rest of your day--feels!

Now--time to share! What are some of your favourite ways to live "in the moment"? Let's hear them!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Hi!

    I practice Vipassana meditation which trains you to focus on the moment, on the now, while maintaining balance and equanimity. No cravings, no aversions - observe and don't react to the moment. It is easier to do when in silent meditation than when engaged in active living - but it is training me to be more observant and less reactive - and therefore able to live in the moment.


  2. Hi again,

    Was reading a blog post today on another friend's blog and had to share it here.

    Marcella posted her post called What do Women Really Want? in honour of the month of March, women's month.

    I hope the weblink below will come through as a link when I post this comment. It's worth reading for sure!