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Monday, December 28, 2009

Stay Afloat--Drink Your Water!

Just finished watching "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" with hubby Allan and realized that, within the space of three hours, I had consumed one glass of wine, one club soda and one coffee--but no plain water! I have never been a water drinker and have to remind myself time and again how important it is to keep myself hydrated. Since losing 30 pounds this year and exercising a minimum of five days a week, I have learned to drink water before, during and after exercising, but it's making sure that I get enough water during the rest of my day that is still a challenge for me.

If you, like me, are post-menopausal, you should be really strict with yourself. Or, if you suffer from arthritis, like I do, you really need that water to keep your joints well lubricated. Here is an excellent link that reminds all of us of the benefits of water, both inside and outside our bodies:

I have learned to have a glass of water with every alcoholic drink--this trick has helped me to keep my one-drink-per-social-event promise!

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