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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When Everything Old Is New Again . . .

. . . I feel great! Seriously, what better joy than walking into a consignment shop and picking up a fab piece for 1/3 the price of new? Today my hubby and I just happened to be in Leaside, our old haunts, and I asked him to drop me off at Ex-Toggery on Brentcliffe Road while he went post-Christmas shopping at Canadian Tire. As soon as I walked in, I spied THE jacket for our New Year's Eve dinner--a Katherine Kelly gold and purple brocade with covered buttons. The price was a steal--$59.99, regular $225! Now, ask yourself this--wouldn't you rather get a bargain on something that you might wear only a few times a year? You can then feel virtuous about spending WAY too much for the amazing treats at McEwan, which we did afterwards. I'm also betting I'll be the only one wearing this jacket at our New Year's dinner--with my gold Nine West pumps, to boot!

Check out Ex-Toggery for their great bargains at www.extoggery.com
You can also see more Katherine Kelly fashions at www.shopstyle.com

Happy treasure hunting!

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